Groove Talk With Charlie Hunter by Geoff Clapp

Groove Talk With Charlie Hunter

Charlie and I get together and just play quite a bit in NC. We decided why not share that with you and talk about what we're thinking and how we approach music.

What's included?

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Geoff & Charlie
1 min
Bossa Nova ~ Straight 8ths Vibes
6 mins
Blue Pepper Duke Ellington.mp4
6 mins
Musical Conversations with Charlie Hunter
10 mins
Ode to Vernell Fournier
12 mins
Converstions with Charlie #2
23 mins
Geoff and Charlie Groove Talk #3
7 mins
Geoff and Charlie, see What Happens, How to commincate without words..mp4
6 mins
Up Tempo Talk and Jam .mp4
7 mins
Groove 131 fro Podia.mp4
4 mins
Groove w blasticks to tambo groove.mp4
4 mins
Nice and Easy Medium Groove W CH #1.mp4
7 mins